Does Speed Dating Really Work When Your Looking for Love

Life is so busy these days that finding a partner or someone to date can be really hard. How do we meet someone if we don’t want to stand around in bars or nightclubs? Online dating has its place or taking up an interest where others who are like minded may go in order to make friends is a good idea, while enjoying your mutual pastime is certainly a plus.

Speed dating is another quite new innovation that has gained in popularity but does it really work as a tool in order to find a date or partner? Many of us attend speed dating venues locally in village halls, pubs or clubs, while speed dating meetings tend to be organised for the younger end of the dating population rather than the over fifties.

We feel this is a shame as there are many widows, widowers and divorcees who would enjoy an evening out speed dating and having fun. Just because people are older doesn’t mean they don’t want to have fun or find love. That said, back to the matter in hand, do we think speed dating is successful in terms of dating or finding love?

What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating originated in Beverley Hills back in 1998 when the first speed dating meeting was held. Meetings are held all over the UK today locally and in big cities and have become a recognised part of the dating scene. When arriving for a typical meeting guests, both men and women, are issued with a numbered badge, so, one, two three and so on. Usually, whoever is running the event will give a short introduction in order to tell everyone how things will proceed.

When the fun begins male number one will sit opposite female number one at a table and chat for four minutes. When the bell rings the males move on to the next lady until eventually all males have spoken to all females. As the men move along they are given a little time to make notes as to which lady they like and vice versa for the ladies.

When the meeting is finished all the requests for another date are compiled with matching requests teamed up in order to make a future date. It’s really good in the way that the awkwardness is taken out of the equation as if a male wants to see a female but she doesn’t want to meet him then they are not matched up and the same goes the other way too.

How Does it Work?

Once the event is finished the organisers will go through the requests and you will receive a mutually agreeable persons details via email or text, then it really is up to you how much further you want to take it. We think that speed dating is a really great introductory tool that enables people to meet without the awkwardness of maybe one person liking another while the other isn’t interested.

Many websites now offer a service that organises speed dating events all around the country and also offer a backup service whereby members of the sites details can be accessed by other members in order to get to know their profiles. People who want a fun no strings attached evening out where they have the chance to meet someone like minded would do well to give speed dating consideration. Many people do find love in this way, while if you don’t you will certainly have a fun evening out trying!

Speed Dating Websites and Events in the UK



Why not take a look at the Fastlove website where many speed dating events held throughout the north can be booked. Events in Leeds are held on a weekly basis and are divided into three different age groups starting with 21-35’s and ending with 40-55’s. This older group meeting is great as many other event organisers do not cater for this age range.

Finding an event is easy simply click on the town or city of your choice to see where and when the event will take place. If one of the listed events is convenient for you simply click the book now tab and follow the instructions. Events are priced around the £17.00 mark which isn’t bad for a great dating night out!

Fast Love Speed Dating offer a great speed dating service that is reasonably priced plus events are held all over the north meaning there should be a venue to suit most speed daters. Good Luck!

Speed Dater

Speed Dater organise many great speed dating meetings throughout Leeds almost every night of the week! It’s a great way to meet like minded singletons who are looking for a date just like you. All their events are hosted by a member of staff who will take you through what will happen and what you need to do on arrival.

Prices vary depending on the venue, while all the meeting places are upmarket therefore great places for an evening out. The site has many special rates and offers such as £5 off for selected venues making the cost around £7.00 in some cases. The Speed Dater site is easy to navigate making booking an event relatively painless. So why wait any longer? Get speed dating now!


Dating Trail

Dating Trail covers speed dating events throughout Manchester offering fun for those of us who are out to find a date in a creative way. The events offered cover the usual format of most speed dating events plus are bookable through the Dating Trail website.

Many events take place in Manchester city centre in beautiful surroundings such as The Pitcher and Piano which is a good place for a night out too. When the meeting is finished (around 10pm) daters can stay behind for a chat and drink or leave it’s really up to you to decide. Prices charged are about average for an evening of speed dating fun, while the site has many alternative types of dating to offer too.

Elite Speed Dating

Elite Speed Dating offer events for professionals who are looking for a date, relationship and of course love. Elite by name Elite by nature this site offers up market venues for their meetings with up to twenty dates at each meeting. Smart dress is essential, no jeans and tee shirts here!

The Elite Speed Dating event begins with a glass of complimentary champagne, this event organiser oozes class! booking is simple just click the book now button to go through to secure your place and pay. Charges vary with some priced at around £25.00, while Elite cover much of the surrounding area organising events throughout the north of England.


Slow Dating

Looking for love in London can be really daunting as the capital city is so big and can be a little scarey too. What better way to find a date than to book an evening of speed dating through the Slow Dating Website. Some of the events have an age range up to sixty which is great and is quite unusual, while special offers and reductions such as £7.00 off mean the event will only cost a mere £15.00.

All the speed dating venues are well researched and are of a high standard ensuring daters will be comfortable plus have a great night. From Tiger Tiger in Picadilly Circus to the Carbon Bar all tastes are catered for, while the site even states that if you don’t meet someone you want to see again at your event you will get the next speed dating event free! You can’t say fairer than that, while Slow Dating must be pretty sure about their success rate in order to make such an offer.

Original Dating

This site organises hundreds of dating events throughout London including speed dating events for like minded singletons. This is another company that are sure of themselves as once again they offer your next event free if you don’t meet a date you would like to see again at the first event.

Whether you live near Clapham Junction, The West End or Islington this site will have an event organised near you. From the moment you arrive the events hosts will tend to your every need making sure that you really enjoy your evening. All the chosen venues are superb, while booking online is easy as the site is laid out well in an easy to navigate format. A date was never so easy to find as when you book an evening out through Original Dating events.

Skiddle Dating

This site is slightly different as it offers speed dating for all kinds of people who otherwise may find it difficult to find love. Take for instance Gay Speed Dating in Soho with a minimum age set at twenty four years. It would be great if more speed dating sites diversified a little to accomodate various sections of society. Prices are set at £20.00 for the event, while the venues are comfortable and welcoming.

Skiddle also offer tickets to speed dating events for Christians plus many more dating events such as singles pub crawls and yoga dating too! Skiddles has something for everyone and are well worth taking a look at if you plan to go speed dating in London.