Flirting Tips

flirting tips

Want to know how to flirt? For some of us it just doesn't come naturally therefore how do we let somone know that we like them without coming over as desperate or too pushy? There are many different ways of flirting from verbalising through to the written word. Here we take you through how to flirt giving a few ideas of ways to let someone know that you really like them.

Body Language Says it All

Our body language can show a person how we are feeling without the need for words, while reading the signs correctly can tell us if someone likes us or not without the need to ask. Men and women's body language differs a lot therefore we will take a look at both individually.

Women's Body Language

Women use far more gestures when they are showing interest in someone than men do. Women have around fifty gestures they use to flirt. Here we look at some of the main gestures giving and idea of what to look out for. Eye contact is a great indicator that a woman is interested as she will look over the room and momentarily hold the other persons gaze. This shows her interest especially if she also smiles when looking.

Women frequently lick their lips when interested or bite on their bottom lip quite unconciously, while batting her eyelids is also a sure sign she likes you. Dilated pupils are also a good sign so look out for those. This is also true of men too. How a woman is sitting also tells us how she is feeling. If she sits toward a person, leaning in near, this is a sure sign, while sitting back with arms crossed is a definite not interested.

Playing with her hair is another sign of flirting. Women often will twist a strand around their finger or flick their hair wildly to indicate interest. Watch what her hands are doing while you are engaging in conversation too. If she is playing with a ring on her finger or a necklace or maybe stroking the stem of a glass this indicates interest, while stroking her neck and shoulders and crossing her legs toward you is also a sign. There are plenty more tips for flirting with women at Ask Men.

Men's Body Language

Men are very different to the opposite sex when it comes to flirting as they generally only use ten different methods. Watch his face, is he tilting his head slightly? Has he raised his eyebrows? Both are indications of interest. Men will also smile when interested. A leery smile indicates he is interested but only in a physical way he doesn't want any involvement. Dilated pupils and frequent blinking also indicate that he would like to get to know someone better.

However smiling with his mouth firmly closed indicates genuine interest in getting to know you so definitely watch out for that one unless its a casual encounter you are after of course. Many men who feel shy will also use this smile as an introduction but it may take some time for him to feel comfortable, opening up to his person of interest.

Men who are flirting with a person will face them directly aiming their body and shoulders toward them to show interest, while standing astride with his feet apart means hes trying to impress someone by displaying a stance of strength. Men sometimes register interest by touching an arm or elbow when talking, while they also stroke their hair similar to women, rub their hands together or drink sips quickly from their glass. Men also like to make their date laugh a lot so will endeavour to amuse and even laugh loudly himself in order to impress.

Chat Up Lines

Men have been using chat up lines for centuries. Chat up lines are really a form of flattery, while in some cases they can be down right cheesy or over the top. Most women will be amused by a good chat up line whether delivered with sincerity or not and some chat up lines have been known to be the start of a beautiful relationship in some cases. Whatever you may think about the chat up line they are certainly a great way to flirt and gain a persons interest plus they do demonstrate that a person has a great sense of humour something most of us like in a prospective date.

The Cheesier the Better

Here are some great chat up lines, if they make you cringe then don't use them but if they make you laugh then there is a good chance they will make your date laugh too.

1. I love your dress it would look great on my bedroom floor

2. Do you believe in love at first sight or shall I walk past again?

3. If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

4. Ive lost my number can I have yours?

5. There is something wrong with my eyes I cant stop looking at you

6. I'm a frog, kiss me and I will be your prince

7. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

8. What do you do for a living apart from being gorgeous?

9. Hi I suffer from amnesia Do I come here often?

10.Can you do CPR youv'e taken my breath away.

11. I'm a love pirate and I'm here for your booty

12. I'm new around here can I have directions to your house?

13. Your a cracker! Is your last name Jacobs?

14. I'm not drunk I'm just intoxicated by you

15. Would you like to help me with my self esteem?

Flirting Tips

Staring into the eyes of someone you fancy sends a strong signal that you are indeed interested in getting to know them better. It is a scientific fact that looking deep into the eyes of someone you like can bring out a very strong reaction as staring has a strong impact on our feelings.

If someone shows they have a romantic interest in you it isn't a good idea to play hard to get if you feel the same way about them. Playing hard to get can send out the wrong message and make your potential suitor move on to the next person as he or she will think you have no interest in them.

Play Games to Flirt

A superb game to play when you fancy someone and so want to flirt is Twister. Invite a few friends round including the object of your desire and get cracking. This interactive game is a lot of fun and will see you entangled with your objet d'amour in more ways than one. Its a fantastic game for breaking down barriers, while you will certainly get to know your date a whole lot better by the end of the game.

Another way to flirt is by playing a truth or dare text game. Send a text message to the person you like inviting them to play truth or dare. It's amazing how people open up when they can answer freely,not face to face. You will certainly find out a lot about your date when playing truth or dare via text.

How to Get Your Date Interested in a Few Easy Steps

Whether it's in person or via text we can flirt and make sure that our prospective love interest takes the bait. Here are a few pointers.

1. Don't only talk about yourself. Your date may be interested in what you do and why but don't forget to ask him or her about themselves, their interests and what they like in order to make them feel you are genuinely interested     in them. Don't however delve too deep if you don't know the person very well it may come across as nosey.

2. Dish out a few compliments here and there when appropriate such as "You're interesting I love chatting to you" or "I have wanted to chat to you for ages and now I am"!

3. If your date says something like "Ive had a rubbish day" try to empathise and suggest ways to cheer them up. Tell them you don't like someone who is so nice to be sad.

4. When giving a compliment don't be too intimate if you don't know your date. Say things like "I love your hair" or "You have lovely Eyes". Don't get involved in talking about body parts that may embarrass at this early stage.

5. Don't be too full on even if you know that you really like a person it can scare someone off being too serious. Keep it light and fluffy when it comes to feelings. Professing undying love may see them heading straight for the door.

6. A little joking here and there can break the ice and most people like someone with a sense of humour especially someone who can laugh at themselves.

7. Use your body language to show your interest applying some of the methods we have discussed

8. Leave your date wanting more. Don't over do it on the first date always ensure your date can't wait to meet up again to find out more about you.