Fun and Unique Dating Ideas

Deciding what to do or where to go on a first date, or any date for that matter, can be difficult as we don't always know too much about the person we are meeting up with or want to make a good impression on our partner. Here we take a look at some more imaginative ideas that are creative plus some great date ideas that although simple guarantee a fun time is had by all. Whether it's a date with the one you love or a new love interest we are sure you will find something that suits in the date ideas we are covering.

Dates With Your Long Time Partner To Bring Back that Spark!

Drive in Movies

We do realise that not everywhere has a drive in movie place but for those of us that are within reach of one it can be a very romantic setting for a first date or to rekindle a bit of romance back into your relationship. We have all seen films where couples cuddle up in the car at a drive in nibbling popcorn while enjoying a great movie so why not give it a try?

Its the best excuse for cuddling up to your other half, while it certainly will make those of a certain age feel like teenagers again! Take a look at Route 66 that is located near Manchester and is easily accessible for those who live in the north, while Casey's Drive In near Windsor is located well for those in the South of the UK.

Take a Dance Class

Many of us love to dance but rarely get the opportunity, while it's not just the ladies that like a boogie but also men even though many will not admit to it. Why not book a dance class for the two of you? Dancing is full of fun, is invigorating plus is a great way to get couples touchy feely again. Maybe your partner is shy? Then simply book a private lesson to begin with and once you get the feel for dancing it will feel easier when in with other couples. It's a great way to make friends, while also spending some fun time with your partner.

Make a Bucket List Together

This may not sound romantic but it actually is! The trouble with life today is we are all so busy that we don't take time out for one another and consequently drift apart. Get your partner to sit down with you, take a pen and pad and discuss what it is you would most like to do and haven't as yet achieved it.

You may not always want to to do what your partner would like to do but as you make the list together you will compromise and find that there are things that you could do together that are different and exciting so will bring a different element to your relationship. You may be surprised what desires are hiding within your partner, while you will certainly have fun trying out the experiences together!

Go On a Picnic

Once again you may think arranging a picnic isn't very exciting or romantic but it is how you plan it, where you go and what you take with you that counts. Why not surprise your partner by selecting a destination you know he or she will love and prepare his or her favourite food and drink to take with you.

Maybe you have a back garden or yard that you can decorate and make romantic with candles, cushions and a blanket where you can settle down for the afternoon or evening in the summer recreating romantic courting days of your teens. Sometimes it's the simple gestures in life that can rekindle romance and show your partner how much you care.

Become a Tourist for the Day

Many of us don't realise what great places there are to see right on our doorstep. Take a little time to find out whats on in your own neck of the woods and plan a day out as a tourist. It's actually a lot of fun taking in the sights of your local area and you may be surprised just what there is to interest you both.

We decided to take our own advice and planned a day out visiting towns and villages in the surrounding area. We bought a bus ticket that we were able to use for the day hopping on and off public transport as we took in all the sights we had researched. We couldn't believe how great our own locale is plus we dined out having brunch in one place and dinner in another. It was a really fun day out plus we felt like we had spent quality time together for a change, something many couples fail to do in these busy times.

Great Dates for Teens Who Like Fun

Teenage dating years are a wonderful time that most of us look back on and cherish. Dating when a teen can be costly for many who are still in school or have no money of their own therefore imaginative dates that are cheaper need to be considered. Many adults are of the opinion that teens these days are not interested in romance but we disagree thinking teens are every bit as up for a bit of romance as they were years ago. So, what to do and where to go when you are teenage daters. Let's see if you like the sound of these!

Watch a Movie

Most people like watching movies either out at the cinema or at home with a great DVD. It can be a great way to get to know your date better, while inviting them round to your place to watch a film you think he or she may like wont cost the earth but will give you plenty of time to become aquainted better.

Trip to the Zoo

We love animals so think a day out at the zoo is a great place for a first date. Walking round the zoo hand in hand while looking at all the animals is a great way to get to know what a person is like. Most of us love animals and showing our caring side when it comes to beautiful creatures is a definite hit with most of us.

A Day at a Theme Park

Many of us love the thrill that a theme park offers, while the rides and attractions can certainly bring us close together. What better way to get close to your date than on a thrilling ride that makes us cling together for comfort. Or maybe climb on the ferris wheel to hold hands when it reaches the top.

Having a fun packed day out in one of the UK's many theme parks doesn't have to cost the earth either. By browsing their websites teens will find many great offers and reductions in terms of entry costs and attraction reductions. Groups also benefit by booking in advance so maybe you could invite friends along? It can be a good idea if its a first date especially if you find you don't hit it off as there are then other people around to take up the slack.

A Romantic Walk

Going for a walk may not sound that exciting but if it's with a person you really like and want to get to know better it is perfect. Walking also doesn't cost anything therefore why not pack a few items to eat and drink and head for a local beauty spot where you can relax, chat and get to know your date a little better.

Go Bowling

Bowling is an activity that is enjoyed by most of us therefore a date at the local bowling alley is not only fun but doesn't cost too much either. Bowling is great in that you can do it whatever the weather as its an indoor activity, it can be really competitive which is fun in itself plus for teens many of the new bowling alleys have great dance music playing to fire up the atmosphere.

Take Up Your Dates Hobby For a Day

What better way to register your interest in your date than to suggest you accompany them to join in their hobby activity? Maybe he plays football for a team at the weekend? You could go along to cheer him on. What if your girl runs the 5k fun run every month? You could tag along to watch and encourage her as she runs. Whatever the hobby is that your date enjoys you can offer your support or maybe join in if it's something you fancy doing.