Giveaway Signs Someone is Attracted to You

signs of flirting

Wouldn't it be great if we could read minds? We could see what someone was thinking therefore tell if they fancy us or not. It can be hard to tell if someone is simply being nice or friendly rather than being attracted to us. Here we take a look at some of the giveaway signs to look out for that indicate when someone is really attracted to us.

Facial Expressions

A persons facial expression can tell us a lot when it comes to working out if they are attracted to us.The biggest giveaway is in the eyes as a lingering look even for a few seconds shows that someone likes what they see. If they look then glance away and look back again you can be certain that they definitely want to get to know you better.

Glancing at someone holding a look for a few seconds then looking away and back again is a real flirting move that people sometimes do without realising but if someone stares aggresively and does not look away this is not great, while avoiding such a person is a definite yes! Also look out for the raised eyebrows as this is another fleeting involuntary movement people make when they are attracted to someone, while they may want to smile as they like the look of you but will try to avoid smiling as it is a dead giveaway making them seem obvious.

Body Movements

When someone is really attracted to you they will automatically stand erect with their shoulders back to impress. This is as true of women as it is of men. Another typical body movement is mirroring which involves making similar movements to the person you are attracted to. You may move your arms in the same way, sip a drink more or less at the same time or sit in the same position all without realising it.

Another giveaway is a person who diverts your way when going to the bar or the loo. They could easily walk straight to either place but they walk near to you in order to check you out as they go. Its certainly a good way to attract the attention of someone you like the look of and if lucky that person may even strike up a conversation as you pass by.

An admirer will also lean towards a person they fancy without realising they are doing it. They will lean towards you to engage in conversation even if there is no music to overcome.

Looking and Talking

When someone who is attracted to you is talking to you they will take a look at the whole package quite involuntarily. They will listen to what you are saying intently, while their eyes may take a brief wander to see what the rest of the person is like. Another sure sign of interest is being the first to start a conversation. This can involve a verbal introduction or maybe a chat upline or too to break the ice, either way it is an indication of interest.

Sometimes, due to nerves, we may end up prattling on when we are attracted to someone. If you think this is happening to someone who obviously fancies you it would be nice to chat back to them showing your interest therefore putting them at ease so that the babbling will cease.

Laughing or giggling is another sign of attraction. Girls may giggle at a joke a man may tell, while men will laugh at anything mildly amusing to show they think you are funny so massaging your ego. Many people get slightly touchy feely when they are attracted to someone. We don't mean in a sleazy groping way, no, we mean he may touch your arm when talking, while both sexes will play with their hair or stroke their chin as an indication of attraction. Anyone that takes a touch too far such as slapping a bottom or squeezing a thigh is far too salacious and should be rejected straight away.