Beat the Odds in Jim Loves Mary 2

In Jim Loves Mary 2, the couple races to the wild forest in order to ask Jim’s Uncle Woodward for help. Your goal is to guide the two and help them stay together. In order to do this you will need to steer clear of bees, avoid the nasty wolf and survive unscathed by projectiles. Just like the first game, this one is also made up of 20 puzzle stages.

Basic Controls and Gameplay

The two characters are controlled using the keyboard. In order to move Jim, you will need to make use of the W, A and D keys while Mary is assigned the arrow keys. Game controls that toggle the music, pause the game and restart the stage is conveniently located at the upper right hand side of the screen. If you wish to see the game through to the end, you will need to master controlling both Jim and Mary at the same time. In some puzzles, you can afford to leave one of them in spots that are safe from hostiles. However, time-critical co-op events cannot be avoided completely.

Cooperation is key here and you won’t get far using just Jim alone. Because the couple starts at opposite ends of the map, some switches are accessible only to one or the other initially. Thanks to her ability to crouch, Mary is the only one who can get into tight spaces, making her support invaluable when Jim is on the move. Just like in the first game, enemies also react differently to the two characters. Take the wolf for example, he attacks Jim on sight but simply adores Mary. With the game’s clever co-op puzzles, taking full advantage of the couple’s abilities is the key to victory, it really is one of the most clever sort of love games you can play out of of the many available here

Additional Goals to Remember

Aside from simply bringing the two together, you must also aim to collect hearts which are scattered around the stage. If you succeed in gathering all of them, you unlock a bonus stage. Unlike the main levels, there are no obstacles during this bonus mini game. You just have to guide Jim and Mary so that they can collect every heart on the stage within the time limit. Once that’s done, then it’s time for their long overdue reunion.

To introduce new stage elements and help you figure things out, valuable clues are hidden within each level’s title. There are times when objectives are highlighted as well. For example, the stage called “The Platform” suggests that you must figure out a way to make use of the level’s interactive elements as platforms. Knowing what to focus on may not make pulling things off any easier but at the very least, it will help you map out an efficient solution.

Basic Controls and Gameplay

More Visually Impressive

Fans of the original will be delighted with the graphics of Jim Loves Mary 2. Though not much has changed, the graphics are consistently crisp. From the layout to the fonts, the sequel’s overall design follows in the footsteps of the original. Even the new baddies look quite cute, making the game’s colorful forest come to life.

The text has also gotten a makeover, dropping the glaring errors found in the original game and smoothing things out with a story that is easier to grasp. Thankfully, Mary’s name isn’t misspelled anymore too, removing a major text issue from the original game.

There is Always Room for Co-op

As long as you don’t mind sharing the keyboard, Jim Love Mary 2 can be an excellent two-player game (and if you can play with a special someone, you can also try a game to test your love). It is full of co-op puzzles and tricky sequences that are just that much easier to tackle with a partner. Of course, the game was originally made to be played by a single person so you can test your multi-tasking skills all by your lonesome too. Regardless of you intend to play it alone or with your own sweetheart, Jim Loves Mary 2 will never bore you. Its puzzle elements and unique stage obstacles makes for a challenging platformer worth spending a whole day on.