ourWorld: The Perfect Game for Teenage Socialising

ourworld game for girls

ourWorld is a fun online game where you create an avatar and dress him or her up in a virtual world of fashion full of other like minded people. You can then create your own house, design all the interiors, furnitures and even the garden. You have plenty of rooms to decorate in your house, with everything from a large living room where you can put in a cool stereo, tv and comfy couches to a play room with a pool table, disco or whatever else you want to put in there.

You can even choose between loads of cool tunes to play on your music system - where ever you should decide to put your juke box the music can be played. Once you have a great house you can open it up to other people online to rate it, visit and say hello - if people love your house you can win prizes such as unique house items few other players have. But even better than that you can make freinds, hold parties and hang out with your friends in your house - hold a disco if you want? You can restrict who can come into your home meaning you can hold private parties with friends or just be alone.

Examples of Condo's Made by Players

condo house - ourworld - first house condo house - ourworld - second house condo house - ourworld - third house

There are tonnes of furnitures to choose from and the range from which you can choose from is expanded month upon month meaning their are always fresh items to jazz your house up with. Just check out the photos above for inspiration.

With so many options to decorate your condo/house with and even more fashions to dress your avatar in ourWorld is worth a try online as an alternative to the many lighter dress up games available online.

Examples of Avater Players

avatars - ourworld

Beyond Your Trendy New Home

Of course there is also more to do beyond decorating and designing your house and your avatar. ourWorld is a large world where there are many activities to do on a daily basis including playing games, competing in fashion contests and solving puzzles. So if you fancy a break from the challenging environment of house design then there are plenty of fun things to do instead.

Need an alternative playmate?

pets - ourworld

In your garden lies the magical ability to grow special aggs where you can hatch pets from. You can have as many different pets as you want and these little cute guys can accompany you through ourWorld. Experiment with you eggs and hatch hybrid pets that suit your look and colourful fashion threads! Take a look at the shots below for inspiration....

Avatar Fashion Contests

fashion contests - ourworld fashion contests 2 - ourworld

With all this fun and with ourWorld being free to everyone, it's time you entered the world and create your own special avatar and house today. With ourWorld now having been around for atleast 6 years there's more players than ever who regularly play in the virtual world. If your a little more mature and want a similar experience there are of course other online worlds for girls like Lady Popular worth checking out which offer a similar enjoyable experience with additional extras thrown in to satisfy more adult tastes.